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Geothermal Energy Projects 

Consultancy, Development & Research

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Geothermal energy refers to the heat that originates from the depths of the Earth's subsurface. This heat is stored in the rocks and fluids beneath the Earth's crust, and can be found as far down as the planet's molten rock, known as magma. To harness this energy for electricity generation, wells are drilled to depths ranging from 400 to 5000 meters to access the underground reservoirs of steam and hot fluids, which are then used to power turbines connected to electrical generators.

Geothermal energy is utilized in a variety of countries worldwide, including the United States, Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, New Zealand, Iceland, and others. Italy was the first country to construct a geothermal power plant in 1904, which remains in operation to this day.

Research conducted in Saudi Arabia has revealed that the country is rich in geothermal resources that can be utilized for power generation and other purposes such as water distillation, waste water treatment, heating and cooling, and more. Geothermal activity in Saudi Arabia primarily concentrates on the western coastal plain along the Red Sea coast, lava fields known as Harrat that are spread across the Arab Shield, granitic rocks around and north of Hail, and a thick stratigraphic sequence in the eastern side of the Rub-al-Khali basin.

Steps Energy aims to raise awareness about this underutilized geothermal resource in Saudi Arabia.

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