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Steps Energy selected some of the most experienced geothermal companies in the world to introduce geothermal energy technologies in Saudi Arabia. Our portfolio includes expertise in geothermal consultation, project development, exploration, drilling, and, operating & maintenance. Steps Energy is also in continuous contact with Saudi universities and research centers.

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The IGA aims at being the leading world authority in matters concerning the research and development of geothermal energy by setting educational standards and offering worldwide energy solutions and in-house technical support, with special support for countries in early stages of geothermal development.


The IGA connects the Global Geothermal Community, serving as a platform for networking opportunities aimed at promoting and supporting global geothermal development. The IGA embody a wide variety of members ranging from academy to industry representatives.


Turboden, is an Italian firm and a global leader in the design, manufacture and maintenance of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems, highly suitable for distributed generation. ORC systems can generate electric and thermal power exploiting multiple sources, such as renewables (biomass, geothermal energy, solar energy), traditional fuels and waste heat from industrial processes, waste incinerators, engines or gas turbines.

The company was founded in 1980 in Milan by Mario Gaia, Professor of Energy at the Politecnico di Milano and today Honorary Chairman of Turboden. In 2013 Turboden became part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group that strongly supports Turboden in the development of innovative solutions.


GeothermEx is an American company and the largest, most comprehensive geothermal consulting and services firm in the Western Hemisphere. GeothermEx served a large and diverse client base in evaluating and developing hundreds of geothermal projects in more than 56 countries worldwide.

GeothermEx staff includes world-renowned specialists in geosciences, drilling, engineering, project development, reservoir management and economic analysis. GeothermEx collectively authored several hundred geothermal-specific publications and have developed numerous innovative and pioneering techniques for optimizing geothermal resources.


Eavor Technologies Inc. is a global geothermal technology company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. The firm was founded in 2017 with the goal of producing a scalable form of baseload, dispatchable energy.

Eavor’s closed-loop geothermal technology consists of several Patent Pending innovations. The Eavor-Loop is a closed-loop geothermal system within which a proprietary working fluid is contained and circulated. The working fluid is not fluid from a reservoir flowing into our wells, it is a fluid added to the closed-loop Eavor-Loop™ to create an efficient radiator, much like a vehicle radiator circulates fluid in a closed loop to remove heat from a gasoline engine.


Genius Energy Lab is a professional team with over 20 years of experience in designing Ground Source Heat Pump systems. With thier expertise, they offer a range of services to stakeholders in the supply chain, including Large End User Developers, Manufacturers, specialist M&E Contractors, Consultants, and Housing Associations. Their services include feasibility studies, design advice, detailed designs, and training services, which are tailored to the specific needs of large commercial buildings, large residential areas, and social housing construction projects.

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dCarbonX is a pioneering UK based company which explores for sub-surface assets necessary to facilitate the energy transition.  dCarbonX is building a strategic portfolio of high-value subsurface assets through a new process known as Decarbonisation Exploration using its ARC Methodology.  dCarbonX uses data and interpretation techniques developed within the natural resources exploration industries to locate and prove the existence of dispatchable baseload subsurface assets that can support intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.  These subsurface assets include saline reservoir systems (for the permanent sequestration of carbon), deeply buried salt layers (for safe hydrogen and compressed air storage in caverns), and geothermal resources (for heating/cooling, power & hydrogen generation). 

Warm Arctic ehf.

Warm Arctic ehf, is an Icelandic company that comply with EU regulations and standards. Providing consulting services since 2015 on topics related to geothermal reservoir engineering, green field development, well and well field strategies, well prognosis and nominal design, resource assessment, development decision making, numerical modeling and consulting to top management of geothermal companies worldwide.


Current work is primarily on projects in the Philippines, Indonesia, Iceland, Nicaragua, the Caribbean, East Africa, Central Europe and the USA with a cumulative pipeline potential of more than 2000 MW and 500 MW in operation. Scientific advisor to an on-going European deep drilling project, recently completing 4.65 km deep and >600 °C well in Iceland.

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Reinvent connects subsurface resources to customer needs for deep decarbonisation. We deliver solutions, create partnerships and deliver content. REinvent main interest is the market development of deep geothermal and energy storage projects by linking these to the build-up of the future hydrogen economy. 

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