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IGA executive director, Dr. Marit Brommer, visited Jeddah to further discuss introduction of geothermal energy into Saudi Arabia. Dr. Brommer met with the chairman of Steps Energy and gave examples of countries who launched their geothermal energy programs round the world. The meeting ended with IGA and Steps Energy signing a Strategic Partner Protocol.

Dr. Brommer also visited the Ghumayqah hot spring in Al Lieth area.

Steps Energy visited the first geothermal energy project in the world at Larderello, Italy. the project generated 250 watts in 1904 to light five light bulbs and was expanded to generate 970 MW in 2022.

We thank Enel Green Power for their hospitality and for moving us around through the very impressive site.

Steps Energy had a meeting with Dr. Marit Brommer, IGA executive director, during IRENA general assembly meetings in Abu Dhabi. IGA extended their full support to Steps Energy to make geothermal energy in Saudi Arabia a reality.

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