Geothermal Power Generation

At Steps Energy we have the vision to find new and emerging geothermal energy opportunities and the discipline to develop them safely, and profitably. 


Steps Energy production plan is for geothermal base load resources to help making Saudi Arabia vision 2030 a reality. 


Geothermal energy provides a robust, long-lasting option with attributes that would complement other important contributions from solar, wind and biomass.


In fact, many attributes of geothermal energy, namely its widespread distribution, base-load dispatchability without storage, small footprint, and zero emissions, are desirable for reaching a sustainable energy future. Expanding the energy supply portfolio to include more indigenous and renewable resources is a sound approach that will increase energy security in a manner that strengthens the Saudi economy.


Geothermal energy represents a large, indigenous resource that can provide base-load electric power and heat at a level that can have a major economic impact while incurring minimal environmental issues.