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Geothermal Project Development

At Steps Energy, we are dedicated to identifying new geothermal prospects and developing them efficiently, safely, and profitably. To do this, we start with a comprehensive geological assessment of the area, including the use of tools such as seismic studies and magnetotelluric testing. This is followed by exploration boreholes and flow testing to evaluate the reservoir. Our team then conducts preliminary feasibility studies and design and cost-analysis to assess the potential of the resource, the associated risks, and the commercial viability of the project.

Our project development process includes:

  1. Project initiation and structuring

  2. Securing a license and concession

  3. Negotiating land rights

  4. Coordinating Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

  5. Seeking and negotiating a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  6. Initial power plant design

  7. Negotiating and securing an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) contract

  8. Coordinating with local governments and regulators

  9. Selecting and negotiating with Operation and Maintenance suppliers.

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