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Geothermal Resource Consulting

Steps Energy offers comprehensive Geothermal Consulting services, encompassing Policy Development, Financing, Engineering and Well Design, Logistics and Procurement, Reservoir Testing, Site Coordination and Supervision. Our goal is to identify new and untapped geothermal energy opportunities and develop them in a safe, efficient, and profitable manner.

In terms of Reservoir Testing, we provide Production Testing, including safety evaluations, flow measurements, deliverability, and wellhead power assessments. Additionally, we conduct Injection Well Testing and Evaluation, Decline Analysis, and address any cased hole problems by developing work over programs.

We also specialize in Project Financing, providing financial structuring and modeling, arranging financing, negotiating loans and investments from financial institutions, securing Development Phase Financing and Term/Permanent Financing, and obtaining Exploration Risk Insurance, ensuring compliance with all financial covenants.

Project Coordination Management is another aspect of our services, in which we coordinate the efforts of all supervisors and consultants, prepare daily reports for client review, analyze data, and provide recommendations to ensure the success of your project.

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